Encounters: The Monoliths (Part I)

Nothing really prepares you for seeing it for the first time.  In the vivid organic formalism of New Eden, seeing something so simple and Minimal is as shocking as the sheer size of what you are approaching… This is Part 1 of a multi-part research series surrounding the Black Monolith phenomena in New Eden. My exploration roams […]

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New SOE Sanctuary Skins and the Legend of the Stratios “Emergency Responder”

Tomorrow, CCP will roll-out the first of the SOE Sanctuary skins.  The dark skins take the SOE ships (Astero, Stratios, and Nestor) and completely transform their aesthetic.  Pure white is replaced by deep gun-metal blue, broken-up only by discrete gray highlights; giving the SOE ships a much more austere countenance that is, perhaps, a harbinger of the dark […]

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Eve vs. Reality: Pulsars

This post is Part 1 in a new series, Eve vs. Reality, which compares in-game phenomena to their out-of-game counterparts. Welcome to the first part in what will hopefully become a long-running series comparing Eve Online in-game phenomena to those found in the out-of-game universe.  Today, we are tackling one of my favorite astronomical phenomena: pulsars! The […]

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