Evesploratory is a highly informal adjunct to my experiences in Eve Online.  Since joining this online community as the explorer Markus Vulpine in February 2015, I have become absolutely fascinated with the depth and richness of the environment and its participants.  While the gameplay itself is enough to keep me coming back week after week, it’s the environment’s underpinnings (i.e. the lore, the landmarks, etc) that really make this space one of a kind.  It’s no wonder that the Museum of Modern Art decided to add it to its permanent collection.  It truly is a social masterpiece and I can’t wait to discover all it has to offer.  As an Explorer (and enthusiastic member of Signal Cartel), it should come as no surprise that much of this blog will likely focus on traveling about The Cluster in search of fantastic and fascinating people/places/things, but I anticipate some other aspects of the game will find their way onto these pages as well.

Thanks for reading and enjoy the ride!  Incidentally, if you’re on Twitter, feel free to say hello @markusvulpine.  I’m also always happy to chat should our paths cross in-game.


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