Sisters | Society – Part 2

The Sisters of Eve From the standpoint of the general public, the Sisters of Eve (SOE) are a force for good.  Formed as a neutral humanitarian aid organization to provide aid to those in need during the century-long Gallente-Caldari War, the Sisters saw further action in the subsequent Amarr-Jove conflict and in the Minmatar Rebellion.  The […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 1

Massive thanks to Makoto Priano for graciously volunteering his services as an editor/advisor for this series. Introduction I had the mixed fortune of joining the Eve Online community right in the midst of what has been deemed by lore buffs to be one of the most exciting and tumultuous times in the game’s history.  A […]

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Encounters: The Monoliths (Part II)

It’s been several weeks since my last post on the monoliths of New Eden, but a lot has been done in the interim.  Many thanks to all the capsuleers who have reported sightings of monoliths throughout the cluster; particularly fellow Signal Cartel explorers, Breysyth Asythe (@Breysyth_Asythe) and Radical Divinity (@RadicalDivinity). Findings in Brief Thanks in […]

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Explorer Ships | Episode 1: Markus Vulpine’s “Deep Space” Stratios

Pilot: Markus Vulpine Ship Type: Stratios Ship Name: Urocyon Hello and welcome to Episode 1 of my new blog series Explorer Ships which highlights the ships and fits of Eve’s diverse community of Explorers.  To break the ice I figured that I would go first and highlight my ship, a Stratios operating under the name Urocyon. I had toyed with […]

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The Potential Drifter Army Floating in Space

Things we know: Drifters are collecting Capsuleer corpses The collected corpses are likely being converted into Drifter combatants like Apollo Tyrannos and Artemis Tyrannos. Ok, that’s pretty straightforward.  Drifters are collecting Capsuleer corpses to presumably create more Drifters. Thus, by denying them kills (and by cleaning up after kills of their own), Capsuleers could presumably help […]

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