The Potential Drifter Army Floating in Space

Things we know:

Ok, that’s pretty straightforward.  Drifters are collecting Capsuleer corpses to presumably create more Drifters. Thus, by denying them kills (and by cleaning up after kills of their own), Capsuleers could presumably help stifle the expansion of the Drifter threat.

You know, it’s a good thing there isn’t a concentrated mass of corpses floating around in space.  If there were, that would be a Drifter army just waiting to happen.  Good thing that doesn’t exist…right?…sigh.

For those of you who don’t know, there is a renowned Capsuleer cemetery in Molea consisting of all-but-forgotten clones.  After being set adrift in the aftermath of battle, these bodies are sometimes collected and deposited in this entirely player-created construct.  Though it has suffered some ups and downs over the course of its existence, the most recent available intelligence suggests that it is still operational and full of graves.

Given the increased Drifter activity and their now blatantly aggressive incursions into empire space, this cemetery could conceivably become a high value target for a Drifter fleet looking for “new recruits.”  I haven’t been to the cemetery in a while so I’m heading there in a couple hours to evaluate the current state of the cemetery and will update this post during my visit.

Before I go, I think its worth mentioning that those tending to the Molea cemetery may want to consider relocating the graves to a new location or storing the graves in some suitable station until the Drifter threat can be contained…assuming that’s even possible.

UPDATE – Eve Time 2015:06:30 at 0215 

Molea Cemetery
Molea Cemetery

I’m currently visiting the Morea cemetery and it appears pretty quiet.  The cemetery is located just off of Morea II, Moon I and consists of a mass of secure containers that serve as makeshift graves for Capsuleer clones.  Using D-Scan, I was able to count 998 separate containers.  That means that there are almost 1000 corpses that the Drifters could presumably use to boost their ranks. Consisting of a sphere of approximate radius = 50km, it is a massive collection.

Molea Cemetery structures
Molea Cemetery structures

The graves are arrayed around a central control tower of Amarr design which is surrounded by a variety of supporting structures, including a Corporate Hangar Array, two Laboratories, an Advanced Small Ship Assembly Array, and a host of defensive arrays.  There are also a handful of weapon batteries at the poles and equator of the control tower’s force field envelope.

Molea Cemetery defensive structures
Molea Cemetery defensive structures

So at least the cemetery is fortified, but I still doubt a Drifter fleet would have much trouble getting to the graves if they were persistent and employed the powerful weapons at their disposal.  In closing, while all is quiet now, I wouldn’t be surprised if the Drifters make an appearance.  Molea is just outside of Amarr space after all…



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