Sisters | Society – Part 4

The Society and Sansha’s Nation

The Society of Conscious Thought and its research hadn’t gone unnoticed outside of Jove Space and there was at least one formidable individual with an army of followers who was particularly keen to learn more.

Almost 200 years after the SoCT was founded, an individual by the name of Sansha Kuvakei laid the foundations for what is perhaps the most infamous extra-imperial entity in all of New Eden: Sansha’s Nation.  A wealthy Caldari industrialist, Sansha had set out to create his own twisted version of utopia.  His charisma, promises of a better life for all, and considerable success in industrial and commercial enterprise attracted droves of followers to the new Sansha territories and Kuvakei began to view himself increasingly as a visionary that would bring a new order to the chaotic Cluster.  As with all megalomaniacs, he began to believe that he truly was a messiah of sorts and he conjured a master plan of unparalleled iniquity.  He sought to create what essentially amounted to type of organic drone; an entity with the ingenuity of a human, but the ruthless efficiency and unwavering loyalty of a machine. These enslaved sycophants were to become the armies and servants of a new world order in which a select group of humans who would be free to pursue what Kuvakei viewed as higher objectives; a realized utopia.

To engineer this army of man-drones, Sansha turned to the Society.  Though it is never explicitly stated, the available evidence suggests that the Society provided Sansha Kuvakei with technologies and expertise which allowed him to achieve his goals.  Recently acquired Gleaned Information obtained by Entosis-linking with a Jove Observatory yielded the following:

“Gamma Enclave recently available personnel: 44 cybernetics experts, 32 geneticists, 9 materials scientists, 6 sociologists. Awaiting kitz assignment”

This lends more credence to the notion that the SoCT was instrumental in facilitating Sansha’s rise to power.  The SoCT’s exact motivation for working with Kuvakei are unclear, but given the Society’s interests in pushing the boundaries of the human mind and the human condition on the whole, perhaps they just wanted to see what would happen.

Researchers working for the Nation, and perhaps even Society researchers themselves, needed test subjects and they found them in the form of Minmatar slaves within the Amarr Empire.  It appears the Amarr were all too eager to participate in any endeavor which could bolster their control over the willful Minmatar.  Over time, the Nation continued to perfect their methods and eventually, it appears that the military component of their civilization was entirely converted to this new form of “super human”, termed True Slaves.

Word inevitably got out to the general public about the True Slaves and the resulting backlash saw the Nation lose a substantial portion of its population (who fled) as well as its imperial allies (including the Amarr).  Eventually, with nothing but an army of true slaves and a small cohort of fanatics, the Nation crumbled.  An assault by the Empires and CONCORD on Kuvakei’s stronghold in YC37 saw the Nation’s remaining forces scattered to unknown regions of space and Sansha himself was apparently killed.

Of course, we all know that that was not the end of Sansha’s Nation.  It re-emerged in YC105 in the Cluster and by YC108, they began raids on the Amarr Empire and the Angel Cartel.  Later, in YC112, the Nation had grown powerful enough to launch a full scale incursion into Empire space, using a new wormhole-generating device.  The appearance of someone claiming to be Sansha Kuvakei and sightings of their forces in parts of Jove space raised further concerns and, while the Nation has been continuously repelled by combined Empire-Capsuleer forces, they remain a key player in interstellar power struggle and in recent events (which I will address); a key player that may very well not have existed in its present form were it not for the Society of Conscious Thought.

This series continues with Part 5 – The Society and The “Hyperconsciousness” Agenda.


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