ESOCI and ‘The Explorers Club’ Waystations

On Saturday, The Evesploratory Society [ESOCI] brought an Astrahus-class citadel online in Jakanerva. Designated the EVE Travel Rest Stop in honor of Mark726’s famous blog EVE Travel, the installation is a waystation for use by all explorers and travelers in the area. The opening of this citadel marks the second installation in a planned handful of explorer waystations arrayed […]

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Princess Jamyl’s Inheritance

She’s still burning. It’s been almost a year since the Avatar-class titan, TES Seraph, was abruptly destroyed by a powerful contingent of Drifter Battleships. As she broke up in-space, it became clear to observers in-system that Empress Jamyl Sarum I went down with her flagship. On 2015-08-21 at 22:14, that observation was confirmed in an official broadcast, In […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 6

Thinker, Raider, Sister, Tribe. It’s well-known that the Sisters of Eve are obsessed with unlocking the mysteries of the Eve Gate.  It’s also well-known that the research and development arm of the SOE corporation, The Sanctuary, is the primary body entrusted with that mandate.  What is less well understood is how that all relates to one of […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 5

The Society and The “Hyperconsciousness” Agenda An alternative title for this chapter could be The Society and The Book, but let’s not get ahead of ourselves.  Let’s first step back and talk about what the Hyperconsciousness Agenda is and why is significant to our Sisters | Society narrative. The Society’s collusion with Sansha’s Nation was the crux of their fall […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 4

The Society and Sansha’s Nation The Society of Conscious Thought and its research hadn’t gone unnoticed outside of Jove Space and there was at least one formidable individual with an army of followers who was particularly keen to learn more. Almost 200 years after the SoCT was founded, an individual by the name of Sansha […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 3

The Society of Conscious Thought Like the Sisters of Eve, the Society of Conscious Thought (SoCT) began as a spiritual organization.  It was founded by the Jove Ior Labron in 23044 to as a means to discover the meaning of life by exploring humanity’s spirit and psyche.  This small cult appears to have gradually matured into a powerful […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 2

The Sisters of Eve From the standpoint of the general public, the Sisters of Eve (SOE) are a force for good.  Formed as a neutral humanitarian aid organization to provide aid to those in need during the century-long Gallente-Caldari War, the Sisters saw further action in the subsequent Amarr-Jove conflict and in the Minmatar Rebellion.  The […]

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Sisters | Society – Part 1

Massive thanks to Makoto Priano for graciously volunteering his services as an editor/advisor for this series. Introduction I had the mixed fortune of joining the Eve Online community right in the midst of what has been deemed by lore buffs to be one of the most exciting and tumultuous times in the game’s history.  A […]

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